Enhanced Safety Precautions

If you are a returning family to our program, you know that Safety has always been listed first under the Camps on Campus program values. This is even more important to us in light of current public health concerns. We are in close contact with our Emergency Management and Risk Management departments in our Summer 2021 planning. Updates to our Summer 2021 operations include (but are not limited to)

  • Daily temperature check/wellness documentation at camper check-in

  • Mandatory masks while on campus (depending on UNC Charlotte and state mandates at the time the camp season commences)

  • Van or shuttle transportation will not be available to allow for social distancing. This will impact our ability to have offsite field trips but our classroom teachers are ready to make for an engaging experience in our classroom coupled with virtual experiences outside the classroom for select programs. 

  • Crown Commons (our location for buffet-style meal plans in previous years) will be closed for construction in Summer 2021 but this is actually the best summer for renovations because our campers will need to pack their lunch daily anyway. Lunch will take place either outside (weather permitting) or in the classroom.

  • For Summer 2021 there will be no shared supplies among campers. This means that some supplies may be ordered for each camper to have their own, however in most cases it will mean that families will receive a supply list from their teacher to purchase similar to what you would expect to receive from teachers during the academic school year.

  • Of course you can expect that a change for Summer 2021 will be an increase in sanitation and cleaning schedules for our classrooms along with frequent trips to hand washing stations. 

  • Lastly, in order to keep to safe numbers during drop-off and pick-up and for appropriate adult to camper ratios, we will be operating on a reduced schedule of camps to have a smaller total camp population each week. We will still have two to three Cool School camps each week as we always have had but we may have slightly fewer camp sections for middle grades and high school students. 

We recognize that while many families may be happy to hear of these enhanced safety measures, others may be disappointed that such changes affect what is a traditional Camps on Campus experience. We hope that our families and participants will understand that it is these changes that make it a possibility for us to offer a campus-based experience at all. We are hopeful these changes are temporary and we hope to return to our normal operations as soon as we can, just like you!