What to Bring/Wear and Medication Instructions

What to Bring/Pack:

  • Backpack
  • Afternoon snack (no nuts)
  • Water (we recommend freezing 2 water bottles the night prior)
  • Sunscreen (please apply on your camper in the morning)
  • Lunch (either packed lunch or $ for food court dining)
  • Small towel (for perspiration and some camps may use water games)
  • Extra underwear/clothing (for younger campers)
  • Any medications (be sure to update your camper’s profile if this is new medication and dosage information)
  • EpiPen (if applicable) for allergies
  • Hat or visor

What to Wear:

  • Lightweight comfortable clothes
  • Socks and athletic shoes recommended (flip flops discouraged)


If your camper will need to take medication or have medication on hand in case of emergency, please be sure this is documented on their profile. To confirm or update your camper's medical information, please contact us at 704-687-8900 before the first day of camp.. Medication should be clearly labeled with camper’s name and dosage instructions.